Software Reviews

Welcome to the reviews section. This is the spot for late breaking reviews on all your favorite software products.  Check out our reviews to learn whether or not a software title lives up to its hype and promises. Does it do everything it is supposed to do? Is the title easy to use? This is the place to learn what you want to know about a certain software offering before you buy it.

Software Reviews

Anti-virus Reviews

Anti-virus software is needed by every computer user. In this section we provide you an un-biased review of the leading antivirus clients on the market.

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Data Recovery

Data recovery is one of those software items you hope you never need. When you do need it we have you covered. Learn what programs work and what programs don’t make the cut.

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Data Backup Software

Data backup software is something most people don’t think about till it’s too late. All hard drives will fail. It’s just a matter of time. Learn what programs offer the best data backup options.

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Registry Cleaner Reviews

Registry cleaners help to repair damage done to the registry. See what options the best registry cleaners have and what products to avoid.

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Data Encryption

Data Encryption allows you to encrypt your files so no one can gain access to them. In this section we take a look at a few of the more popular data encryption programs

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Driver Software

Driver software ensures your computer run’s smoothly. Having an outdated and buggy hardware drive and have all kinds of negative effects on your computer. See which programs work best.

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Internet Security

Internet Security software includes anti-virus protection as well as a spam filter, anti-spyware protection and a firewall. Some even have data backup options in them.

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Language Software

Almost Everyone wants to learn a new language. We selected a few of the better language training programs here and reviewed them.

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Password Manager

Managing all your online passwords can be hard. With Password Management software you can store and secure all your online user names and passwords as well as quickly fill out forms.

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PC System Utilities

PC System Utilities are programs that allow you to maintain the performance of your computer. They generally allow you to easily manage your start-up programs, registry, defrag as well as keep all your computer divers up to date.

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PST Repair Software

A Personal Storage Table is used by Microsoft Outlook to keep all your contacts, e-mails and everything else together. The bad news is when this one file becomes corrupt all your e-mails and the like get corrupt with it. This review section covers the leading PST repair Programs.

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Data Transfer Software

Data Transfer Software allows you to migrate your files onto another computer. Learn what programs allow you to transfer over software, user settings, bookmarks as well as user accounts.

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Sync Software Reviews

Sync software allows users to Sync multiple computers and mobile devices so you have access to all your current files at your fingertips. Sync software is mostly used for students and business personal who work at multiple locations and on multiple computers or mobile phones.

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Total Security

Total security suites combine everything in one package, including security, data backup and other utilities. These all in one protection suites are great for those who just want to purchase one program to handle all their computer needs.

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Hardware Reviews

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