What is BitCoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to mine/generate new coins as well as verify the transfer of funds.

Why is bitcoin Worth Anything?

1.Belief in the System:  Peoples willingness to accept the currency in exchange for goods and services

2.Scarcity: There are only a set number of bitcoins in the world that can be mined. After that there is no more.  This is different than fiat currency which is generally worth less and less each year because more and more money is printed.  As more money is printed the overall value of that money declines.  There is a reason why we don’t have penny candy anymore or 5 cent gas.

Mining coins takes hardware investment and investment in power to operate the hardware.

As of 9/2/2015

1 BTC = $225 USD

See btc-e.com for current prices.

Can I mine Bitcoin?


However the cost of the hardware and electricity at current market prices, most will loose money doing so.

Can I Buy BTC?


There are many places to buy BTC.

What is a Digital wallet?

A digital BTC Wallet is an electronic wallet where you can store your BTC. They call connect to the same bitcoin block chain which is used to verify transactions.

This may be on your computer, or stored on a wallet online

Creating your wallet

Get Your BTC Wallet at


There is no charge for creating a wallet or downloading the BTC software.  You can have unlimited amounts of wallets.

Where to Buy BTC

I generally recommend coinbase as they have a very straight forward user interface and it’s easy to buy BTC with your bank or credit card and they can buy your BTC as well.  It’s very simple to open an account and make a purchase.  While I have used other places and markets I strongly trust coinbase and do most of my BTC transactions through them.

What happens if I delete my wallet?

If your BTC wallet gets destroyed for any reason your bitcoins are all gone permanently unless you have a backup of that wallet.  It’s vital if you have BTC stored on your wallet on a computer that you print out a physical copy of those addresses that contain bitcoin in them.  This is the only way to recover those bitcoins if your hard drive crashes.

For this reason it’s recommended that you have backups of your wallet in hard paper form and that you don’t store all your BTC in 1 location.

This is also a major downside of owning bitcoins.  Countless amounts of BTC have been lost because of hardware failure or people deleting their wallets.  It’s unknown how many bitcoins are lost as nobody can tell when a bitcoin wallet has crashed.

Who accepts Bitcoin as Payment?

More and more companies are opening the doors to bitcoin payments. It’s too much work to list them as they change but you can generally find local shops and online merchants that will accept bitcoins for everyday goods you want to purchase.

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

I can’t predict the future and I won’t even try with bitcoin.  Personally I see many great uses for BTC but at the same time there are downfalls.  It’s still not the easiest to buy and sell.  A perfect example is I just bought 5 BTC with my bank account on coinbase but have to wait 8 days before that BTC is in my account.  8 full days is an eternity.

The prices for BTC go up and down all the time.  It’s a very fluid market at the moment but has stabilized a little over the past 6 months.  With that said it could jump in price or crash in price.  It’s impossible for me to say.  I would urge extreme caution to anyone who thinks they can get rich off of investing in bitcoin.

Inbox Zero with Streak


Email is perhaps the most important communication medium we use in business. It can be used to keep tasks going, document tasks and procedures and helps make us more productive. But, it can also be a real burden. Sometimes, people feel there is no hope to ever get through all the email. They feel totally overwhelmed when they open their email each day and see hundreds of emails with requests and tasks to complete. However, this can all be managed with a  simple plugin called Streak. It has a feature called Snooze that can help take care of this problem of email overload.

Streak is a full-on customer relationship management tool that allows you to track emails and carry out plenty more tricks to streamline your client engagement workflow – but it’s the snooze feature that has the real potential to get you to that inbox-zero nirvana.

The premise is simple. When you receive an email that you can’t instantly file away forever – as you ought to with the likes of updates and notifications from colleagues and clients, which don’t require a reply – but which you can’t take action on right now, with one click of a button you can snooze it for as long as you need to. The email is stored away in a specially created Gmail folder, and resurfaces at the top of your inbox when the snooze time elapses. You can opt for the snooze period of your choice and even enter it in plain, human-speak text (like “in 30 minutes” or “tomorrow at 11am”), which the ever-intelligent Streak understands.

Additional options include the ability to only activate the snooze alarm if nobody replies to the email thread – making it perfect for getting sales enquiries out of your inbox, by prompting you to follow up if the client doesn’t get back in touch (and if they do, their reply will force the email back into your inbox, and onto your radar, anyway). Any time you need to, you can review a list of the emails you’re holding in snooze mode, and pull back to your inbox any that you’re ready to work on sooner than you had initially expected.

Snooze, along with the rest of the Streak plugin, is simple to understand and easy to use, and has the potential to help you better manage your email – and stop it from managing you instead. If it feels like you’re constantly waging war with a never-ending barrage of messages, this is one more tool you might want to consider adding to your productivity arsenal.

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