Internet Security

Internet security software provides all-in-one protection against viruses and malware. All most all IS clients will include a firewall, spam filter, anti-virus and anti-spyware software. In this section we review the top Internet Security clients.

Bitdefender Internet Security Review


Bitdefender Internet Security 2011 ReviewPROS: Allows parents to put control on internet options available to their children.

CONS: Takes awhile to set up, but is not hard to actually use.

OVERVIEW: In a nutshell, Bitdefender Internet Security contains these: anti-virus, anti spam, anti spyware, parental control,privacy control, a firewall and encryption. Each option is full of choices that can restrict and protect your PC. Choose from the Basic, Intermediate or Expert View.




Avira Premium Security Suite Review

Avira Premium Security Suite ReviewPROS: Internet Security including anti-virus, spam, malware, detection and personal identity theft protection.

CONS: Price tag seems a little steep.

OVERVIEW: Avira’s protection is comprehensive and covers all aspects of how computers get infected. Rest comfortably and know that your computer’s local drives, removable media, email, and web sessions are sealed tight from invasion with Avira.




Kapersky Internet Security Review

Kapersky Internet Security 2011 ReviewPROS: Kapersky Internet Security 2011 Software merges internet security and virus protection for computer systems.

CONS: Reliable protection is given when using Kapersky Internet Security 2011. Protection from malicious programs and through monitoring is conducted.

OVERVIEW: Kapersky Internet Security is a sound program that protects users from various threats. The interface is user friendly and simplified for better use.




Symantec Internet Security Review

Symantec Internet Security 2011 ReviewPROS: Norton Internet Security is one of the most trusted brand out there for protecting computers.

CONS: Can bog down a system.

OVERVIEW: Overall this product got a 9/10 rating from





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