In these tutorials you’ll find many useful PC tasks and projects carefully described in manageable steps, and fully supported by helpful photos and screenshots.

Whatever your technical ability you’ll be confident from the off knowing the tools, precautions and time you’ll need. So, go ahead and satisfy your DIY PC urges, and complete your computer projects successfully with the help of the PCTechGuide Tutorials.

Computer Maintenance

These tutorials show that a few regular procedures can help keep your PC in good shape, as well as covering some of the more involved re-installation issues.

Hardware Upgrades

Perhaps the most common DIY PC activity is to upgrade the hardware. These tutorials cover some of the tasks you’re likely to want to tackle, including graphics card, hard drive and CPU upgrade and replacement.


Ah, the computer, forever the machine we shall all thank for lightening our workloads, relieving our pressures, and generally allowing us a greater ease in life… Well, perhaps not, but then again PCs have given us a whole new dimension to

PC Customization

It’s not just to do with getting your family in the screensaver and your pets in the desktop background, although these things certainly have their place. You can also shape Windows in very practical ways to suit the way you work. Find out what changes you might want to make, and how to do them.

PC Troubleshooting

If (or perhaps when!) you have a problem with the smooth running of your computer, you can check here for possible methods to help you track down the cause.


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