The PCTechGuide’s articles are a growing library on a wide range of PC related subjects. Check back often or subscribe to the feed to get notified when any new content is made available. This is an always expanding resource and knowledgebase created just so you can stay in the know when it comes to PC Technology.

Computer Graphics and Video

Computer graphics have come along way since green text on a black screen. Check back here often to find out the latest info on up and coming technology in the world of computer graphics and video.

Computer Security

There are many ways to keep your computer safe and secure. Check out these articles and make sure you are doing all that you can to protect you and your computer.

Files & Settings

Need to transfer files from one pc to the next. You definitely need to check out the great posts in this category. Check back often to find new software and techniques for tweaking on your file sytem and PC settings.

Registry Cleaners

Almost everyone at one point and time have been told that they should clean their Windows registry with a registry cleaning program.  Doing a quick search in Google for registry cleaners brings up millions of results .  Most of those sites ranking in the first positions say registry cleaning work.  Which brings up the age old computer question, do register cleaners really work?

Software Development

Where would computers be without the awesome advances made in software development. The field that has taken us from pong and text base operating systems all the way to 3d gaming and the Windows Aero interface. Check back often to learn about fresh techniques and tools in the world of software development.

Virus Removal

The Antivirus Removal section is all about getting rid of that pesky malicious software that seems to to continually make its way into our PCs. Check back often to find the latest remedies for removing viruses, spyware, malware, and adware, and any other unwanted wares that may be lurking and slowing your PC.

Web Development

Web Development would of course be a hot topic on the web. This is a great place to learn a few techniques and to find out what to look for in hosting, programming, design, and content. Check back often to stay on top of the always changing field of Web.

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