PC Input-Output

Any computer system comprises three stages: input-process-output. That’s true of every application, from games and the Internet to Word Processing and databases. In this section you can learn about how the various devices used to facilitate basic PC input and output.

Note: For monitors and sound cards please refer to the multimedia section.

Digital Cameras

Further transforming the way that photography is handled, the era of the digital camera has defined the way many people use their computers.

Inkjet Printers

Canon are credited with the invention of the inkjet. Now, it’s a widely used printer technology, but is it efficient?

Input Devices

The keyboard and mouse are essential peripherals, but there are many methods for inputting to the computer depending on the application.

Laser Printers

Laser printing is fast and clean, and has even become competitive in its pricing. Learn how it works.

Other Printers

Learn about the alternatives to the dominant inkjet and laser printers.


Projecting a large sheet of discernible light onto a surface is not as easy as you might think…


Scanners brought digital imaging to the computer, enabling home users to retouch their family photographs, and boosting the capabilities of desk top publishers.