OE User Files

Outlook Express is one of the best tools ever created for the busy professional. Where else can you so easily access your important emails, phone numbers, and news files all in one handy package? But since OE is so important to your career, it is equally important to keep your OE user files secure and protected. These tips will help to make sure you do just that.

Backing Up Data

Your OE files are contained in what is known as the “store folder”. It is here that all of your essential data is kept and if this folder is damaged then you run the risk of losing all of this vital information. To combat this, you should regularly back up your data. You can do this pretty easily by going to your store folder under the maintenance tab. Then you can simply copy your folder’s contents by following the prompt and then make a backup folder on your desktop. Paste the contents into the folder and you’re good to go.

Migrating Files

Luckily, migrating files from Outlook Express is pretty simple. If you have the program installed on your PC, you can access the Settings Transfer Wizard found in the System Tools section. Here you’ll be given a prompt to create a backup disc that will allow you to transfer your Outlook files. You can also transfer your files from the store folder to another folder on the same computer, if you wish. This can be done by accessing the maintenance tab in the Tools section. This is rather along the same lines of backing up data, but you can take the final step of deleting the previous folder and keeping the new folder as the main one for your Outlook files.

Compacting Messages

As wonderful as OE is for professionals of all kinds, the software does tend to get bloated and crowded pretty quickly with old files. When this happens, your computer experiences slowdown but, even worse, Outlook runs the risk of becoming corrupted. If this happens you could potentially lose all your data, so it is best to regularly compact your messages. You’ll find the Folder menu if you click on File and here you’ll see an option that will let you “Compact All Folders”. You don’t have to compact every folder if you don’t want to; you can access the Compact Menu on individual folders. Just make sure that you keep your files clean and orderly and never let your folders get bloated with dead files and useless data. Your OE user files are precious and you can rest assured that they’re safe within your PC as long as you treat them with care and attention.