Fix Hard Disks Running in Compatibility Mode

Anybody who has owned a PC with Windows long enough has no doubt seen a message that tells them that compatibility mode is on. When this happens, your computer is suffering from some kind of hard disk problem and you must fix this problem in safe mode before your PC will be able to work properly. Luckily, this isn’t too difficult to do and these steps will help make sure of that.

Why Does This Happen?

There are several reasons for why your hard disk caused your computer to enter this mode. In some cases the hard disk controller isn’t recognized by Windows. In other cases the driver might be damaged . Sometimes the problem is that your Device Manager was tampered with and the controller for the hard disk was removed. Other times it is because another recently installed hardware device is conflicting with the hard disk.

How to Find the Problem

In the system properties section of Windows you’ll see a tab that says “performance” and this will allow you to see what drive is causing the issue. Once you locate the drive, you’ll be able to check it for any viruses. In many cases a virus is the reason for the problem and if this proves true for you you can use your anti-virus software to take care of it. You should of course already have anti-virus software on your computer and if you don’t have any kind of protection then you’re just asking for trouble.

What if No Driver is Listed

If no driver comes up then it’s likely that the driver wasn’t installed properly or not installed at all. To determine this, check out the device manager and see if the controller is listed. If it isn’t, install it again or for the first time. If it still doesn’t work, the driver might have some form of Windows protection. If this is the case you will have to contact the company or purchase a new driver. If you don’t feel comfortable doing all of this, however, then please feel free to leave it up to a professional. PCs can be very complicated because of their complex setup and it can be very scary to poke and prod around a bunch of files when you have no idea what you’re doing. If you feel safer letting an expert take care of the problem, go ahead and do it. The odds are that you won’t need to purchase any new parts and you’ll most likely only have to pay for the labor.