Migration Software From Windows XP To 7

Migration Software From Windows XP To 7

In this particular article, we will discuss three applications that enable the user to smoothly migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7. Before transferring or migrating, always make sure that the software that is being transferred is compatible with the new operating system and that you have your registration information at hand. It is also important to have an extensive backup in the event of disaster.

Method #1: Microsoft Easy Transfer For Windows XP

Microsoft has a free tool available for download HERE.

Microsoft Easy Transfer For Windows XP allows the user to migrate and transfer files, data, media, settings, and some software using transfer cables, networks, CDs, DVDs, and external drives. While this application is geared specifically towards a transfer from Windows XP to Vista, it can also be used for Windows 7. This particular application is also available on Windows 7, via the “Getting Started” option on the start menu. Several options appear to the right, and you will want to select “Transfer Your Files”. This is a free solution, and should be sufficient for most users, however commercials applications have many more features that other users may find more suited to their specific needs. Microsoft has a complete list of technical details regarding XP to 7 migration listed HERE.

More in-depth, step by step information regarding XP to 7 migration can be found HERE.

Method #2: Laplink PC Mover Enterprise

Laplink PC Mover Enterprise is a robust application available for download and purchase. A full list of pricing and package options are are available from there as well. The base price for a starting 10-license package is $420. Depending on which type of package, and how many licenses are being purchased, the price will vary. Laplink PC Mover Enterprise is primarily targeted towards businesses and enterprises that have a large number of computers. While PC Mover Enterprise is quite expensive for the average user, the commercial version of Laplink PC Mover should prove to be sufficient. The reason for the price difference of the two packages is that PC Mover Enterprise has a lot more automated features, along with numerous security enhancements that the average person probably would not use.

Method #3: Zinstall XP7

ZInstall XP7 is another commercial application that is designed to ensure that your applications, data, and settings are fully functional after a migration from XP to Windows 7. The price of a single license is $89, which may seem costly, but here are some of the features that may offset any apprehension that the user may feel:

ZInstall offers malware protection in addition to error checking to make sure that no corrupt files are present, which could compromise the security and stability of your system. ZInstall is compatible with all versions of Windows XP, Vista and 7, and can also automatically the desktop environment to behave, look, and feel like Windows XP, for those users who are not entirely comfortable with Windows 7. ZInstall XP is available for download and purchase