Problems Accessing Windows Update

Windows, in its various operating systems throughout the years, has always been a dependable, trusty, and powerful program. But no piece of software is perfect and Windows is definitely no exception. From registry errors to system crashes, there is plenty to gripe about. But some of these common problems are easier to fix than you might think. Here, we’ll discuss how to solve problems when it comes to accessing Windows Updates

Cannot Display Page

This is most likely the first thing you’ll see when you’re having trouble with Windows or Windows XP Update. The Update program needs internet access to work properly, and so the first step to take is to go to the internet options section in the tools section of Internet Explorer. Here you can change your internet settings to Medium, which just might solve all your problems.

Browser Issues

Sometimes the problem isn’t one of internet access but of your browser acting up. Internet Explorer isn’t perfect by any means but solving a lot of its problems is easier than you might think. Go to Tools and then follow the steps that will let you clear your history and your cache. In many cases this is all you need to get Update to run again. If that doesn’t work, try to clear the contents of the update folder as well. Sometimes clutter is more destructive than you might think. This can be done by clicking on the program files folder in Explorer. Here, you’ll want to access the V4 folder and then click to edit the IUHIST.XML file. You’ll be given an option to invert the selection and you will want to do this. Then you’ll be able to delete the entire history. You should only do this as a last ditch option, though, because clearing out this section will delete the history of all the downloads you’ve had on your computer.

Ask for Support

It is possible that these actions might still not be enough for you to access Update. Don’t worry, though. Windows is very responsive to the problems that occur within its operating system because they don’t want anybody to become upset with the company and then take their business elsewhere. So if you’re still struggling with Windows Update, visit Microsoft’s website and click on the link that says “get help and support.”There will be a section that allows you to request technical support and there you’ll be able to submit a question or issue to the company.