Fatal Exception OE Errors

Anybody who owns a PC has probably seen enough error screens to last a lifetime. Out of all of these possible error messages, one of the most annoying continues to be the fatal exception OE error screen. The reason that fatal exception errors are so annoying is because there are so many different reasons that they might happen, making it sometimes tough to troubleshoot. But these handy tips should be just the thing for anybody who is sick and tired of seeing these messages pop up time and time again.

Windows  Error Codes

In many cases you will be given an exception error code. You can then search for this code and be given instructions on how to remove it. This should be a last ditch effort, though, because an inexperienced person could cause more harm than good when messing with the OS this way. If you feel at all worried about your computer savvy you’d be better off steering clear of this solution. If, however, you feel confident in your PC fixing abilities, go right ahead but be careful.

Software and Hardware

If you’ve started seeing these error messages recently, try looking at all the recent software or hardware that you installed on the computer. In some cases a recently installed item might have not been downloaded or installed properly. Try to uninstall your most recent hardware and software and then see if the error message still appears. It is quite common for the exception error to be contained within just one program. If this is the case you should check the company that made the software for any patches that might fix the problem. Another good idea is to run a disk scan, which will find and remove corruptions. You should do a defrag while you’re at it and you should be doing these regularly no matter what.

Limited Space

Sometimes this error occurs because space is at a premium on your now clogged computer. If there are less than two hundred megabytes left on your PC, for instance, you’ll see a lot more of these messages. Also, try to delete your temporary data, which in many instances will take care of the problem entirely. This is also a great place to remind you about doing a disk scan and defrag, as it is a related problem. An overclocked computer can also bring about a fatal exception error message and all of these issues can be taken care of by simply making sure that your computer isn’t filled to capacity.