Updating Your Creative Soundcard Drivers

It’s wise to check periodically to see if updated drives have been released for your sound card.

For the Creative Audigy card, this means going to the appropriate Support page for your country or region, and clicking on DOWNLOAD DRIVERS.

Make the appropriate selections and click Search.

Creative give you the option using their AutoUpdate feature or of downloading a driver update manually.

The AutoDetect Module assesses existing installations of Creative products and software on your PC in real time and determines whether your PC contains the latest software versions for all your Creative products you use with that machine. Once it detects that updates are required, it will provide you with a listing of essential, critical and recommended updates that you need to download and install on your PC.

Creative AutoUpdate uses a small downloadable module of 300KB. This module is an ActiveX control that once downloaded runs this specific task. It will not self-activate in the future unless you initiate the Creative Software AutoUpdate program, in which case the same file can be used again without having to redownload it. If you wish you can delete the file once the AutoUpdate process is complete. Simply locate the program file Creative Software AutoUpdate from the IE Browser-Internet Options-Settings-View Objects and delete it.

AutoUpdate does not capture personal information. Only system and Creative product information are detected during the system inspection/analysis stage, and none of this information will be used by Creative for any other purpose.

For the Creative Software Web AutoUpdate to work, you’ll need to set your Browser Security settings to enable ActiveX controls.

Select Tools > Internet Options > Security from within your browser, click Internet and then the Custom Level button.

Make sure all the ActiveX items are set to Enable.

If you’re running Firewall software, you may also need to review it’s settings to ensure that it won’t block any ActiveX controls.

Taking the manual option takes you to a page that describes the latest available driver.

Click Download and select a location on your hard drive into which to download the driver.

Double-click on the downloaded AUDDRVPACK_L11.EXE self-extracting archive file and follow the on-screen instructions to update your driver.