What is a Computer Virus?

If you’ve never had to deal with a computer virus yet, consider yourself lucky. But mark these words: If you don’t have sufficient protection on your PC, it isn’t a matter of “if” your computer will get a virus, but “when.” Put simply, a computer virus is a dangerous piece of software that is made to infiltrate your computer and cause damage. You might end up with corrupted data in some cases. In other cases, though, your entire computer may be ruined.

How Do Viruses Happen?

There are several ways that you could become infected with a virus. After all, what is a computer virus but a digital version of the real thing? Like a real virus, the computer virus spreads from host to host. This is its entire nature and the best way for a virus to spread itself is on the internet. Some websites come with viruses when you click on them. The aim for these sites is to get your vital information and give it away to other sources. Email attachments are also ripe breeding grounds for viruses. Any kind of online download runs the risk of a virus.

What Kinds of Viruses are There?

There are several different types of computer virus. Spyware, for instance, is a kind of virus that accesses your private files and uses your software without you knowing it. Worms are another dangerous kind of virus. These “worms” can self-replicate and spread themselves through every nook and cranny of your CPU. Trojan horses are much like worms except that they can’t reproduce. It is tough, though, to create a comprehensive list of viruses because it seems like a new computer virus comes along every day. Some arrive in the form of spam, while others infect you through Wi-Fi.

How Can I Stop Viruses?

Luckily, there are several great precautions you can take to make sure that viruses don’t cause you any trouble. First, you’ll need a dedicated antivirus program that contains pop-up blockers, spam blockers, and anti-spyware and anti-malware capabilities. Any decently-priced antivirus software should carry all of these features. You also should make sure to never open any email attachment that comes from somebody you don’t know. The same goes for downloads on the internet. Also, make sure to avoid pop-ups like the plague. If you combine these tips with a dependable antivirus program, you can rest safe and easy knowing that you are fully protected from computer viruses.