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These articles will help you decide if you are doing everything you need to be doing to keep your computer running in tiptop shape. Don’t forget to come back and check them out periodically, as these articles will be changed around with new information as we get it.

Differences Between Spyware, Malware and Others

Spyware. Malware. Virus. Spam. Ever wonder what all those words actually mean and what the differences are? We give you a detailed description of each, so that the next time you have a problem, you can identify it. Also, this will make you look smart in front of your friends…

Protect Business From Cyber Attacks

Here are a few suggestions on how you can keep your business free of cyber attacks. All businesses need at least some protection and it is up to them to decide how much. This information will help you decide what your company needs.

5 Ways to Increase Computer Security

There are many ways to increase computer security. Here are five that we go over with you. It is very important to keep your computer secure, especially with all the riffraff out there in the internet world.

Using Antivirus Reviews to Protect Your System

Protecting your computer is very important. One suggestion we give to help you with that is looking over antivirus reviews. Here is the information we have gathered for you.

Encryption Software for Windows XP Users

Encryption software is one of the most important yet most overlooked aspects of PC upkeep. In today’s world, it seems that nothing is safe and secure. Even government institutions and Fortune 500 companies experience problems with security and with more of us online each day, it is vastly important to keep our files safe and sound. Unfortunately, data encryption has historically been a bit annoying to pull off, and in the past things were needed like passwords that made the whole affair seem flimsy. But recent years have seen an improvement of encryption software coinciding with the advent of Windows XP and the newer generations of computers

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