Software Development

Where would computers be without the awesome advances made in software development. The field that has taken us from pong and text base operating systems all the way to 3d gaming and the Windows Aero interface. Check back often to learn about fresh techniques and tools in the world of software development.

Development Life Cycle

The software development lifecylce may or may not seem like an important aspect of software development. However, in order for any programmer to produce a worthy program or even a webpage for that matter, it is important to understand what goes into that development process. This is where you find info on the software development lifecycle.

Number Systems

Simply speaking, a computer can’t count to ten. In fact, it can’t count to two. A computer knows only whether a bit is off or on, which is translated to the binary numbers of 0 and 1. And that’s it. A computer doesn’t know anything else. So how does a computer count past 1?

Object Oriented Programming

The concept of “object oriented programming” (OOP) has been around for some time now, beginning back in the 1960s when Norwegians Kristen Nygaard and Ole-Johan Dahl created the Simula language for their computer simulations. It was quite a breakthrough, but it has had something of a bumpy ride when it comes to being accepted in the wider programming community. Still, it has become a commonly accepted method of creating reusable, secure and manageable software code.

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