Encryption Software for Windows XP Users

Encryption software is one of the most important yet most overlooked aspects of PC upkeep. In today’s world, it seems that nothing is safe and secure. Even government institutions and Fortune 500 companies experience problems with security and with more of us online each day, it is vastly important to keep our files safe and sound. Unfortunately, data encryption has historically been a bit annoying to pull off, and in the past things were needed like passwords that made the whole affair seem flimsy. But recent years have seen an improvement of encryption software coinciding with the advent of Windows XP and the newer generations of computers.

What Does this Software Do?

To put it briefly, encryption is the process of scrambling the text of your important files so that they cannot be read until a code is used that can unscramble them. The reason people wish to do this is because it allows them to feel safe and secure knowing that their vital information cannot be accessed by anybody without access to the special key that unlocks this information. The software mentioned below takes care of the scrambling and reconfiguring so that the user is free to rest easy.

Best Products

File Encryption XP is one of the more popular software for encrypting because of its friendly interface that allows you to encrypt PowerPoint, Excel, and Word documents with striking ease. You can also fully erase files to ensure that they can’t be recovered, something that Windows has always been notorious for. Data encryption from PC Lock is another fantastic choice. Made by the perennially bright folks at LapLink, PC Lock can encrypt files in the background while you continue with your work with no slowdown whatsoever. The software has one of the highest rated security features and can ensure that files on a stolen laptop can never be recovered again, if you so wish.

As mentioned above, the advent of Windows XP coincided with a rise in fantastic encryption software. These days it is more important than ever to have dependable file protection. Oftentimes we spend too much time thinking about antivirus and malware programs and allow a gaping hole to go unwatched for thieves to enter. Full PC security is a must in these trying times and encryption software will go a long way toward achieving that goal.