Remove Security Shield

Security Shield is one of the harder fake security clients to remove. This rogue stops almost all programs including Antivirus clients from running. It also highjacks your desktop and your web browser and holds your computer ransom untill you make a purchase of this false security product or you remove it from your computer.

Security Shield is a clone of Security Tool. Security Tool is the most prevalent rogue security client to hit the web in 2010. Chances are Security Shield will be just as bad.

Automatic Security Shield Removal:

If you are looking for a know security software program that can fully remove Security Shield as well as stop future threats so you do not get infected again, we recommend downloading a copy of Spyware Doctor with Antivirus Here. You most likely will have to boot into safe mode with networking in order to download and install the client because Security Shield will block this from running. You can always start following the manual Security Shield removal guide below to start and then download this client at a later date.

Online Security Shield Removal:

If you need expert help we can recommend two great solutions. The first is This is a remote computer repair company based in California. Expect to pay around $89.99 dollars for them to fully remove all viruses from your computer.

The second is a company that is overseas and therfore a little cheaper. Check out T Support Here The price should be around 39.95. Again it’s not U.S. tech support. You are dealing with someone in China.

Remove Security Shield Manually:

Now to get rid of Security Shield, you need to stop the following process first:

  • [random].exe  Normally 6-10 random characters like 4234912354.exe

In order to stop the process, you can browse to the file location and re-name it. Later the above files can be removed once you reboot the pc. Because every infection is different you will have a unique file trace. The location should be around C:\Users\%YOUR USER ACCOUNT NAME%\AppData\Local\

Registry Removal Procedures for Security Shield

You need to keep in mind that getting rid of the files and folders is not good enough to rescue your system from Security Shield. You will need to remove the following keys and settings from the Windows registry too to make sure that the program is removed from your system completely:

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Security Shield
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run “Random 6-10 digit number”

At this point Security Shield will not be running. Now you need to perform a full virus scan. Download Spyware Doctor with Antivirus and run the free scan to ensure you removed all traces.

Security Shield Directories:

  • C:\Users\%YOUR USER ACCOUNT NAME%\AppData\Local\

Deleting Security Shield manually is a complicated procedure and therefore not recommended for everyone (unless you are genuine computer geek!). In order to get the job done safely, inexperienced users are recommended to take the assistance of, which is web-based repair service. You can also go for a legitimate antivirus software like Spyware Doctor with Antivirus for a safe and complete removal of Security Shield.

If you can not connect to the internet on the infected computer to access the remote computer repair site or download security software we recommend you check out this Can’t Access the Internet After Virus Infection guide.

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