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MySearchPage-net virus is now popular not because it is one of today’s revolutionary search engine varieties but because this is one browser people get scared from whenever they see this running on their computers. This fake and nasty search engine is actually a browser hijacker so what it does is … [Read more...]

The Danger of Having is a browser redirect malware that can modify your computer’s DNS settings and won’t permit you to restore it unless this will be cleaned out from your system. This browser hijacker commonly makes its way into your computer when you download free software or applications … [Read more...]

The Harmful Ways of

mystart-uninstallmaster-com-virus is basically a browser hijacker. For the ordinary computer user, a browser hijacker can be a malware, an adware, a virus or any type of software that was intentionally programmed to change a lot of your DNS settings causing your default browser useless while making the … [Read more...]