Intel CoreSolo

Intel Core Solo uses the same two core die as the Core Duo, but features only one active core. There remains a high demand for single-core mobile processors, and it is more economic for Intel to disable one of the cores of the existing dual-core design than to launch a new production line of CPUs that physically only have one core. Moreover, this approach allows Intel to sell CPUs that fail to pass quality control by virtue of one of their cores being defective.

The following table identifies the various Core Solo models and their principal characteristics:

Processor Number Cache Clock Speed Front Side Bus Power
T1400 2 MB L2 1.83 GHz 667 MHz 27W
T1300 2 MB L2 1.66 GHz 667 MHz 27W
U1400 2 MB L2 1.20 GHz 533 MHz 5.5W
U1300 2 MB L2 1.06 GHz 533 MHz 5.5W