How To Get Two Monitors On One Computer

Sometimes while attending to multiple tasks on your computer you feel the need for more monitor space to get all your work done at the same time. So, instead of getting a new, bigger and  more expensive monitor, you can actually purchase another cheap monitor. Having two monitors on one computer can actually be more practical as there is more space, you can also be more organized when working on dual monitors.

With dual monitors, you can indeed double up your working space and also your work speed. Thus you save more time as you can work more efficiently. The best part is you don’t have to worry about your computer speed, you will still experience the same speed. With two monitors, you would increase your productivity and you can multitask in a more organized way.

Now the question arises as to how to get two monitors on one computer. It is very easy, all you need to do is get a second monitor and follow a few simple steps. In no time you will have two monitors connected to your computer. Here are the steps:

Check your CPU, usually you only have one VGA socket. So the solution to this problem is that you can add another VGA graphics card, or change your old VGA graphics card with a new one that has dual sockets and can offer dual outputs. If you’re not comfortable with the thought of having your VGA card replaced, another solution is to use a VGA splitter.

If you’re working on a laptop you can still connect one external monitor. The moment you connect your external monitor, you will have a mirror image of your desktop on your external monitor. All you have to do is to change your display settings. You can do so with the following steps:

1.    Right Click on the desktop screen–>click screen resolution. Another alternative way of accessing the screen resolution is by opening control panel–>appearance and personalization–>display–>screen resolution.

2.    Next, click on the drop-down list next to multiple displays, select extend these displays, and then click OK. If your computer doesn’t see an option named Multiple Displays in your display settings, this means that your computer isn’t detecting the external monitor. You can check the connections physically and then try clicking on detect to find your external monitor.

When your desktop is extended, you can then drag programs or windows to your second monitor. Now that you have two monitors on one computer, you can do multitasking in a more proficient way. One monitor can be for incoming emails for work or business related stuff, and the other for your working space or for your leisure space. To get more computer file-setting questions answered, click here.