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Samsung Now Leading the Pack at the CES 2015

On January 5, 2015 Samsung Electronics President and CEO Boo-Keun Yoon will be delivering his keynote speech at the world renowned International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. His vision for Samsung will be about Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is about the role of the Internet … [Read More...]


AVG PC TuneUp 2015 For Sure Registry Fix

One of the most popular registry cleaners that is raving a lot of positive reviews lately is the AVG PC TuneUp 2015. With the assessment it gathers, it is now recommended for pc users who have the usual problems of computer slowdowns caused by fragmented hard drive, stored junk files and broken … [Read More...]


Hacked Sony Getting Sued, Pulled Off The Interview

Last November, Sony Pictures Entertainment’s servers were deliberately hacked by still unidentified group who call themselves the “Guardians of Peace”. Although investigation led that some North Koreans most probably did it, investigators are still blind about the real identities of the … [Read More...]


Top American E-Commerce Stores as of 2014

Typically when we talk about e-commerce, we mean businesses that happen right on the web. In the U.S., e-commerce sales are growing about 10% a year topped by world-famous American sites like Amazon and eBay. Most of the bulk of their sales generally come from mobile gadgets which started to boom in … [Read More...]


Kaspersky Anti-Virus (2015) – A Quick Peek Review

Released in July 2014, the Kaspersky Anti-virus 2015 was said to be the slight improvement of the Kaspersky Anti-virus 2014. More so, it still has so much to offer. And for those who have faith with the Kaspersky antivirus products, the 2015 version still assures protection for your computers … [Read More...]


Engage Locally and in Real-Time with LocalLedge

LocalLedge is simply an app that lets you connect with other people living in your locality or in your city and let you organize and share special events through the use of location based text messaging boards. The idea of LocalLedge is simple. The app can make you feel closer to home and … [Read More...]


Alibaba And Its Tough Competitors

For most people in the world that have known Amazon and eBay, the company name Alibaba is not a very familiar name. But in China which has more than 1.3 billion population almost 40% of the people are now indulging in e-commerce and majority of these are trading in with Alibaba. Alibaba is one … [Read More...]


Be Productive With Your iPads With Keyboard Cases

When it comes to portability, lightness and convenience, the tablets are the best in these categories. However, if you are on the productive side, the tablets have one big problem with regards to their design and that is lacking the physical keyboard. Even these have the expediency with their … [Read More...]

Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 – Your Laptop, Your Tablet

Surface Pro 3 is believed to be Microsoft’s best bet against all other hybrid gadgets for 2014. Introduced in June, the laptop/tablet have undergone some tweaks and now the improved product is featured on various tech sites as an unmatched revolutionary hybrid with better enhancements while some … [Read More...]


Typo 2 Keyboard Case for iPhone 6

Typo 2 is the new keyboard case for iPhone 5/5s and 6 produced by Typo. It deliberately provides users the benefit of using a physical keyboard that a lot of people have missed after the introduction of the touchscreen smartphones. Since many of us still dream of using the keyboards again but … [Read More...]

Virus Guides

MySearchPage-net virus Info and Control virus is now popular not because it is one of today’s revolutionary search engine varieties but because this is one browser people get scared from whenever they see this running on their computers. This fake and nasty search engine … [Read More...]


Eliminating Browser Hijacker From Your Computer

One of the most intriguing but very antagonistic malware programs recently created is the From its name itself, you would smell something strange but you would be more surprised if you found it as your browser. Basically, … [Read More...]


Defeating The Threats of A-Secure 2015

A-Secure 2015 is actually a fake and deceiving anti-virus program that will make you believe it’s a legitimate anti-virus protection program starting off by asking you to download its trial version and analyzing your computer. To your surprise it … [Read More...]


Rango Protection 2014 – Antispyware 2014

Rango XP Protection 2014 is known as malware. This is a fake antivirus client that get's installed normally through a trojan virus. In most cases the trojan is bundled with other software programs that are free around the internet. Once you download … [Read More...]


Windows Antivirus Adviser

Windows Antivirus Adviser is a fake antivirus program.  This kind of virus is very common on the internet and they have been around for years under many different forms. People normally get infected with these fake antivirus programs after … [Read More...]



Thermo AutoChrome Printers

The thermo autochrome (TA) print process, which is considerably more complex than either inkjet or … [Read More...]

General Midi

In September of 1991 the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA) and the Japan MIDI Standards … [Read More...]

Digital Broadcasting

In Europe the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) project was set up in 1993 … [Read More...]


Bitdefender Total Security Review

PROS: All products are combined into one for PC security,plus systems tools for PC … [Read More...]


Expansion interfaces for laptops, notebooks and other mobile computers

In the early 1990s, the rapid growth of mobile computing drove the development of smaller, … [Read More...]


Holographic Data Storage

In late 1995 a joint university/industry/government consortium initiated the Holographic Data … [Read More...]


Free Back up Data: Pro-Trick of IT on Virtual Hard Drives (VHD)

If you decided to back up your files/data, did you consider VHD or virtual hard drive? It’s been … [Read More...]

WiFi Access

In the early 2000s, the momentum gained by IEEE 802.11b in the wake of the surge in home … [Read More...]


Core i7 2nd Gen

The Core i7 2nd Gen is an example of innovative engineering. Gone are the days when you had to … [Read More...]


Hard Disk MicroDrives

GMR technology was a key feature of IBM's (the company's hard disk drive business was subsequently … [Read More...]

Virus Removal Guides

How to Remove Live Security Platinum

Live Security Platinum is a fake antivirus program.  It's the exact same as several other malware viruses.  We already have a guide on Smart … [Read More...]

The Fast Method to Remove Virus, the Browser Hijacker

If you already see the virus displaying as your home page, then your computer might be hijacked. This browser hijacker can infect even … [Read More...]

XP Defender 2013

XP Defender 2013 Hello again! If you've found this page, you've probably been infected with XP Defender 2013 . Malware of this kind, while not … [Read More...]

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How to Prevent a Virus Infection

Anybody who has ever been the victim of a computer virus knows that it affects more than your sanity; in some cases, a virus can ruin your … [Read More...]

Browser Hijacker– Sweet Page

Classified as adware, Sweet Page is also popularly known as the browser hijacker. This adware is bundled with free programs that can be availed by the … [Read More...]

Defragmenting the Hard Drive with Windows XP

In older file system architectures, if a file could not be stored contiguously, it could not be saved to the disk. Newer architectures … [Read More...]

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