Remove Windows Oversight Center

Windows Oversight Center is a fake security program.  While it looks real and has the Windows 7 looks logo and the words Windows in the name, it’s all a scam to trick you into making a purchase of Windows Oversight Center.  To delete Windows Oversight Center we recommend you attempt a system restore and restore your computer to an earlier time.  This seems to be working at the moment to remove the Windows Oversight Center client.

Once you are done doing the system restore you need to scan your computer with an anti-virus client.  We recommend you download Stopzilla Here and run the scan with this client.  It works very well at picking up hidden rootkits that may still be on your computer.

If you are having troubles removing Windows Oversight Center then having your computer repaired by a pro is the next best option.  Places like is a great option for those who need a pro and want their computer fixed right away.  PC Ninja is fast and affordable.  Best of all they know what they are doing and can remove Windows Oversight Center.