How to Prevent a Virus Infection

Anybody who has ever been the victim of a computer virus knows that it affects more than your sanity; in some cases, a virus can ruin your computer beyond repair and cause you to shell out major dough for a new PC. Some viruses even hijack your personal information, causing even more money to go out the window. But the good thing is that viruses can be avoided if you’re smart about it. These tips will make sure that you’re safe and secure from these awful infestations.

Avoid Dangerous Sites

Some sites are just begging to give you viruses and malware. We call these sites “pornography” and they should be avoided at all cost unless you have a dependable anti virus program installed (more on that shortly). Other sites of an adult nature, including anything where you have to be over 18 or 21 to join,often come with dreadful programs that will turn your hard drive into a paperweight. Nobody really knows why “adult” sites have so many viruses but one theory has to do with the fact that adult sites know you’re less likely to complain about any problem you have with them because you’ll then have to admit you were on the site.

Antivirus Software

Having some kind of antivirus protection on your PC is an absolute must and if you’re out there surfing the web unprotected then you are in serious trouble. There are many great programs out there for protecting you against any kind of foreign threat to your computer. A good idea is to get an all inclusive software that takes care of malware, spyware, pop-ups, and adware. Any product that covers all these bases should be more than adequate for your needs. It also helps to look at reviews for various products so that you’ll know what you’re buying will keep you safe and sound.

Performing Scans

Now that you’ve got your antivirus program, you’re well on your way to full protection. Your software, if it is up to date, probably does regular scans on its own to catch dangerous elements on your PC. Still, you should do your own regular scans at least once a week just to be safe. Also remember to keep your software updated so that it can continue to offer you protection. As long as you follow these simple steps, you should be completely free of viruses. The internet is a wonderful place but it is also a dangerous one; make sure that you’re always fully protected.