Fakealert | Fake Alert Trojan

FakeAlert and other Security Client warnings like Fake Alert, FakeAlert/Renos, Fake Alert Trojan ect…  You get the point.

This is a generic security warning normally shown when a FALSE SECURITY product is installed on the end users computer.  If your security client has shown a warning similar to the above phrases, the user needs to run a FULL security scan to ensure their PC is clean.

If you do not have a Security client or just want to double check things, we recommend you download a trial of Spyware Doctor with Antivirus.

Fake security clients are nothing new.  For several years they have been ripping people off.

The scam normally works in a similar manner to the below

1.  User gets infected with the fake security client.  This can happen from a drive by download, fake codec software, trojan virus ect…

2.  User constantly gets warnings about the computer being infected and constantly asked to register or purchase security software.  Often times these false security clients may disable the current security on the computer, open up back doors, turn the PC into a bot, show false and exaggerated scan results as well as fake warnings like “Someone is now accessing your computer” or “your data is being sent to another computer”.  Phrases like that scare people and sometimes they fall prey to these kinds of tricks.

3.  Programs may be blocked from running.  This is done to hold the computer ransom.  The thieves are trying to back you into a corner and force you to purchase the security program.

4.  Internet may be limited and support websites as well as well known security client websites may be blocked.

How To Remove Fake Alert and Stop the Warning Messages

As stated you should run a full virus scan using your security client.  ensure the client is up to date and run a FULL and complete scan on the computer.  If you do not have a security client installed or need to double check to ensure you are no longer infected after the first scan, we recommend you try scanning with Spyware Doctor with Antivirus.

What if All Programs are Blocked?

If you cannot run any programs and at the point of needing an expert I have two choices.  The first is a virus removal website that has many expert written guides detailing the exact steps you need to take to remove many threats manually.  They even have a few hundred video guides as well.  The site is http://www.removevirus.org . This is a self help website where you can learn about removing the fake security client.

If you would just preffer to have an expert handle your virus infection we recommend http://www.pcninja.com.  It’s a small computer repair company based in California that does remote computer repair.  I use them and have a good relationship with the company owner