Advantage to Shared Web Hosting

When it comes to web hosting services, there are many options available that range from small to enormous and everything in between. If you’re new to this realm, you are no doubt swamped by the countless choices that run the gamut from clustered hosting to grid hosting to cloud hosting and everything in between. But let’s make things very simple here: If you want to get down to the nitty gritty, there are two real kinds of hosting that matter. They are dedicated web hosting and shared web hosting. With dedicated hosting, the user has complete control over the entire affair. You might say that the server is “dedicated” to his site and his site only. Shared web hosting, then, employs a server that hosts not only your domain but several others. Depending on the size of the host, you could be lumped in with dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of other sites. You may be wondering, then, what are the upsides to shared web hosting. It is this question that we seek to answer.

Features and Options

Though there are many good attributes to this form of web sharing, the most notable is that this type of hosting will often provide the user with the greatest amount of features and options for their site. This is due to the fact that a shared host is typically set up to handle a far greater amount of workload and thus can offer you more for your website.

Learning Web Development

Those looking to rise up in the world of web development would also do well to start off with shared  hosting. It is possible in the future to move to something more specific like a dedicated server but in your early formative days it can be a great help to be on a shared host. For one, you can learn a lot about crafting sites by looking at your co-tenants on the server. You’ll all be sharing the software so you’ll be able to see what is possible with the right amount of creativity.


One of the most lauded aspects of shared hosting is the fact that is very affordable compared to other options like dedicated hosting. This aspect, perhaps more than all the others, is what continues to make shared web hosting so popular throughout the world. Since the sites on a shared host will be similar in setup and style, there are far fewer variables to take care of and thus less expense to run the whole venture.