Bitdefender Total Security Review


PROS: All products are combined into one for PC security,plus systems tools for PC performance. CONS: Since the program scans your computer system before it fully downloads to make sure there is no viruses or malware, it takes awhile to completely download. OVERVIEW: Bitdefender … [Read more...]

Bitdefender Internet Security Review


[starreviewmulti id=7 tpl=20] PROS: Allows parents to put control on internet options available to their children. CONS: Takes awhile to set up, but is not hard to actually use. OVERVIEW: In a nutshell, Bitdefender Internet Security contains these: anti-virus, anti spam, anti spyware, … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Increase Computer Security

Though the internet is far safer now than it was in its infancy, there are nevertheless more people using the net than ever and this means that there is a much greater field of victims for the cunning hacker or identity thief. Even major corporations, who spend millions each year in computer … [Read more...]