PALCD Flat Panels

A peculiar hybrid of PDP and LCD is the plasma addressed liquid crystal display (PALCD). Sony is currently working, in conjunction with Tektronix, on making a viable PALCD product for consumer and professional markets.

Rather than use the ionisation effect of the contained gas for the production of an image, PALCD replaces the active matrix design of TFT LCDs with a grid of anodes and cathodes that use the plasma discharge to activate LCD screen elements. The rest of the panel then relies on exactly the same technology as a standard LCD to produce an image. Again, this won’t be targeted at the desktop monitor market, but at 42in and larger presentation displays and televisions. The lack of semiconductor controls in the design allow this product to be constructed in low-grade clean rooms, reducing manufacturing costs. It’s claimed to be brighter, and retains the thin aspect of a typical plasma or LCD panel.