Transferring Data Old Computer To A New Computer

In this particular article, we will discuss a few methods of transferring data from an old computer to a new one. Some of these solutions will involve specific applications that are designed to automate most of the processes, while others involve simple methods of transfer that can also be used with minimal effort for more antiquated flavors of windows. Before transferring data, it is always important to have an extensive backup in the event of disaster.

Method #1: Laplink PC Mover And Laplink PC Mover Enterprise

Laplink PC Mover is a robust application available for download and purchase. You can also find it here. A full list of pricing and package options are are available from both of these pages. The base price for the commercial version of Laplink PC Mover is $29.95 for a single download license while the base price for PC Mover enterprise is $420 for 10 licenses. Depending on which package you decide to purchase, and how many licenses are being purchased, the price will vary. Both versions of Laplink PC Mover not only allow you to transfer software and data from various types of media, and even hard drives themselves, but can also transfer from backup images.

Method #2: Microsoft Easy Transfer For Windows XP

Microsoft has a free tool available for download it HERE.

Microsoft Easy Transfer For Windows XP allows the user to migrate and transfer files, data, media, settings, and some software using transfer cables, networks, CDs, DVDs, and external drives. While this application is geared specifically towards a transfer from Windows XP to Vista, it can also be used for Windows 7. This particular application is also available on Windows 7, via the “Getting Started” option on the start menu. Several options appear to the right, and you will want to select “Transfer Your Files”. This is a free solution, and should be sufficient for most users, however commercial applications have many more features that other users may find more suited to their specific needs. Microsoft has a complete list of technical details regarding XP to 7 migration HERE.

More in-depth, step by step information regarding XP to 7 migration can be found HERE.

Method #3: Files And Settings Transfer Wizard (Windows XP CD)

The Files And Settings Transfer Wizard can be found on your Windows XP installation CD, and runs on most versions of Windows, which is useful for those who are either running or upgrading from Windows 95 or 98. The wizard supports data transfers via direct cable and most types of removable media. Keep in mind that the wizard does not support transferring of applications. It only supports the transfer of media and other relevant data, such as emails, address books and contact information. Microsoft also has this application available for download on the web.

Method #4: Drive Transfer

This final method is geared towards more advanced users, and requires a moderate level of expertise, and knowledge of windows directory structures.

This method can be performed in several ways, but the easiest approach is to simply copy your media and personal files to an external device, and then copying them to the new computer, keeping in mind the names of the original directories.