Remo Recover Outlook Express Review

Remo Recover Outlook Express

If you are having problems with corrupted files, databases, or emails in your Outlook Express, we definitely recommend Remo Recover Outlook Express. This would be my number one choice for this problem. The only other possibility I could even give as a second option would be the Stellar Outlook Express Recovery. While both products are great, I would still choose Remo Recover Outlook Express.

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Program: Remo Recover Outlook Express

Company: Remo Software

Supported OS: Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7

Price: $69 USD

Overall Rating: 10 out of 10

What It Does:
Remo Recover Outlook Express was specifically made to work on Outlook Express. It will help to recover and repair any corrupted files, databases and emails.

Easy. Quick. Took under a minute for full installation.

This product is very user friendly. Most of it is automated, so other than the occasional option you need to click on, you won’t really have to do anything but sit there and wait for it to finish the job.

Take a look at the options below. Since we are dealing with Outlook Express, we really don’t have any other option than to choose “Main Identity”.

Next, choose what databases you want to search for.

Then choose where you want all recovered and restored information saved to. Just hit the “Browse” button, compress the data if you so choose, and hit “OK.” Then just wait for the information to come up.

It should only take a few minutes for this data do come up to your set location.

What’s really cool is the fact that Remo Recover Outlook Express opens up the location for you, so you don’t have to spend any time trying to find it yourself.

Ease Of Use:
With this super easy interface, I really feel that anyone could use this product. It doesn’t leave much room for error.

If you have any corruption trouble in your Outlook Express, I truly recommend getting Remo Recover Outlook Express. It is so easy to use, takes under a minute to install, and pretty much does all the work for you.

PROS:  Does all it promises and in a very short amount of time.

CONS:  Couldn’t find any.

What To Do Now

» Download Remo Recover Outlook Express Here

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