Digital Video for Windows

AVI (Audio Video Interleaved) is Microsoft’s generic format for digital video in Windows, provided via its MCI (Media Control Interface). AVI allows for a number of compression methods, in real-time, non-real-time, and with or without hardware assistance. Unlike QuickTime, the Video for Windows (VfW) video player is not a cross-platform technology, but then Windows is the dominant operating system. The initial release, introduced in late 1992, was capable of displaying 320×240 pixels at 15 fps. The small window size and slow frame rate were largely a limitation of the hardware of the day, typically a 486-based computer with 4MB of RAM. Today’s Pentium processors are capable of full motion playback of AVI files at the maximum resolution of the screen. Codecs supported include Cinepak, Indeo and Microsoft Video 1.


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