V92 Technology

Announced in 2000, the ITU’s V.92 analogue modem standard has the same download speed as the V.90 standard (56 Kbit/s) but increases the maximum upload speed from 33.6 Kbit/s to 48 Kbit/s. As well as this performance improvement – referred to as PCM Upstream – the new standard also introduces a couple of user convenience features:

  • QuickConnect shortens the time it takes to make a connection by reducing up to 30 seconds modem handshake procedure by up to 50%. The reduction is accomplished by having the modem remember the phone line characteristics, which are then stored for future use.
  • Modem-on-Hold allows users – provided they subscribe to their phone company’s Call-Waiting service – to be connected to the Internet via a given phone line whilst concurrently using it to receive or initiate a voice call.