1998 updates for the PC Technology Guide – www.pctechguide.com

Date Details of updates


Processors: Addition of Copper interconnect section and extension of Roadmap to include confirmed Intel developments for 2000 and beyond;

Inkjet Printers: Addition of Manageability section;

Serial Comms: Addition of Modulation section and a number of new images to illustrate the principal techniques used for data transmission;

Implementation of design change to reduce the navigation bar overhead on Glossary pages.



Site Awards: Finally added a page to show off the awards the site has won after it had been honoured with it’s first site of the week award.


Processors: Addition of Roadmap section providing more extensive information on future Intel developments;

Non-Intel CPUs: Addition of Super7 and Roadmap sections, the latter charting future developments by Intel’s principal competition in the processor arena;

CD-R/CD-RW: General update, in particular to information regarding CD-R’s media and CD-RW’s the phase-change technology;

DVD: Update to sections on Encryption and the recordable/rewritable DVD formats and addition of Regional coding section;

Removable Storage: Addition of section on Compatibility.



Tape Backup: Expansion of page content to include new sections on 8mm, Mammoth, AIT, DLT, Features comparison and Robotic applications and several new images;

Last Updated indication added at top of all information pages;



Digital Video: Addition of new page covering various aspects of the technology which is turning the capture and editing of motion video into a mainstream desktop PC application;

Digital Cameras: Addition of info on IBM’s forthcoming 340MB Microdrive device in section on Disk storage and of Digital video section.



Motherboards: Addition of separate sections and images for each of the BAT, ATX, MicroATX,LPX and NLX form factors and update of Accelerated Graphics Port section to cover version 2.0 of the AGP specification;

Hard Disks: Addition of OAW technology section;

CD-ROM: General update, including addition of Digital audio section;

CD-R/CD-RW: General update, in particular to Formats section;

DVD: General update, including addition of DVD-Video Encoding and Other Rewritable formats sections;

Panel Displays: Addition of ThinCRTs section;



Motherboards: Addition of form factor image;

Hard Disks: Update to section on Performance and addition of sections on The 8.4GB limit, Serial storage architecture, RAID, SMART technology and GMR technology;

DVD: General update, in particular to DVD-Video and Encryption sections.



Laser Printers: Addition of section on Colour lasers;

Inkjet Printers: Addition of sections on Colour perception and Colour management and transfer of information on dye-sublimation printers to the new Other Printers page;

Other Printers: Addition of new page with sections on Solid ink, Dye-sublimation, Thermal wax and Dot matrix;



Motherboards: Addition ofsection on 440EX chipset;

Processors: Addition of Pentium II image, section on Celeron and transfer of Cyrix and AMD information to a separate Non-Intel CPUs page;

Non-Intel CPUs: Addition of new page with sections on Cyrix Media GX, Cyrix MII, AMD K6-2 and AMD K7.



Implementation of design change to introduce a navigation level and in so doing reduce the navigation bar overhead on information pages;

Incorporation of ValueClick banner ads.



Graphics Cards: Update to DirectX and Direct3D for the DirectX 6.0 release;

CRT Monitors: Update to Safety standards section for the TCO99 standard.



Motherboards: Addition of sections on 440GX and 450NX chipsets and of an Interfaces summary table;

Processors: Addition of section on Pentium II Xeon;

Addition of a Links page;

Addition of a Site Map (accessible from Navigation on the Site Info page)

Addition of a series of Site Statistics pages (accessible from Visitor traffic on the Site Info page).



Graphics Cards: Addition of section on Digital cards;

Panel Displays: Inclusion of polarisation image in section on DSTN displays;

Serial Comms: Addition of sections on V.90 and Cable modems and expansion of section on Digital Subscriber Line and of Modems section (to describe analogue modem modulation techniques).



Moved site to a Web Server with unrestricted access following a sudden increase in visitor traffic as a result of finally getting the site listed by a number of Search Engines and, in particular, PC Webopaedia.


CD-ROM: Expansion of information relating to the various CD standards;

Sound Cards: Addition of sections on PCI audio, DirectSound and Downloadable sound.



CD-R/CD-RW: General update including addition of sections on Universal Disc Format and MultiRead drives;

Digital Cameras: General update and expansion, including the addition of several new sections and two features images.



Graphics Cards: Addition of section on OpenGL;

Panel Displays: Update to DSTN displays section and addition of Digital panels section;

DVD: Expansion of DVD video encryption section to cover regional coding.



System Memory: Inclusion of images to illustrate the SDRAM matrix-based topology and the alternative Rambus bus-based topology;

CD-ROM: Inclusion of laser image;

CD-R/CD-RW: Inclusion of formats and disc images.



Major update to incorporate a

Glossary, a feature designed to aid understanding and navigation of the

Guide and to provide a general glossary resource for PC terminology;

General maintenance to a number of sections of the guide to bring information up-to-date and to ensure proper integration with the glossary.



Graphics Cards: Addition of section on Talisman;

Sound Cards: Inclusion of components and MIDI images and additional text in section on Sampling and Recording.



CRT Monitors: Inclusion of distortions image in section on Controls and additional text in section on Safety standards.

Laser Printers: Sections added on Consumables and Environmental issues;

Removable Storage: Inclusion of Kerr Effect image

Serial Comms: Update of 56 Kbit/s section and inclusion of associated image.



Site launched.