How To Do a Clean Installation of Win98

The scenario is that you’ve been running Windows 98 and have decided to do a clean re installation, because:

  • you’ve had a hard disk crash and just installed a new drive
  • part of Windows appears to have been corrupted
  • either installing or uninstalling an application has left the system damaged in some way
  • you hope to improve performance by doing the ultimate spring clean!

… or for some other reason.

This tutorial will take you through the steps involved in performing a clean installation of Windows 98, covering each of the following:

  • creating a Windows 98 Startup Disk that includes support for your CD-ROM drive
  • partitioning your hard drive
  • formatting your hard drive
  • installing Windows 98
  • installing the Windows 98 Second Edition updates
  • bringing your installation completely up-to-date via the Windows Update facility
  • replacing Window’s default drivers with later versions
  • fine tuning the installation

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