CD-ROM Green Book

The Green Book describes the CD-interactive (CD-i) disc, player and operating system and contains the following:

  • CD-I disc format (track layout, sector structure)
  • Data retrieval structure which is based on ISO 9660
  • Audio data using ADPCM levels A, B and C
  • Real-time still video image coding, decoder and visual effects
  • Compact Disc Real Time Operating System (CD-RTOS)
  • Base case (minimum) system specification
  • Full motion extension (the MPEG cartridge and the software).

CD-i is capable of storing 19 hours of audio, 7,500 still images and 72 minutes of full screen/full motion video (MPEG) in a standard CD format. After a spell of interest in the early 1990s, CD-i is now more or less defunct.