CD-ROM CD-I Bridge

CD-I Bridge is a Philips/Sony specification, for discs intended to play on CD-i players and other platforms such as the PC. It comprises:

  • Disc format defining CD-I Bridge discs as conforming to the CD-ROM XA specification
  • Data retrieval structure as per ISO 9660. A CD-i application program is mandatory and stored in the CDI directory
  • Audio data coding which includes ADPCM and MPEG
  • Video data coding for compatibility with CD-i and CD-ROM XA
  • Multisession disc structure including sector addressing and volume space
  • CD-i related data since all CD-i players must be able to read CD-i Bridge data.

Confusion reigned temporarily when Philips put MPEG-1 video on Green Book discs, which could only be played on CD-i machines. However, all new MPEG-1 film titles conform to the White Book standard for Video CDs, which may be read on any White Book-compatible machine including CD-i and suitable CD-ROM drives. The video and sound are compressed together using the MPEG 1 standard, and recorded onto a CD Bridge disc.