How To Delete A Folder

When you find irrelevant files and folders while organizing or managing the files on your computer, it is always advisable to delete them. This gives you more space and makes your computer clutter free, so that you can stay organized and make it easier for you to find any specific data quickly without wasting any time. But, before you delete a folder, you should check thoroughly the content of the folder and be sure that all the files in the folder are of no importance. In case you want to keep a file that is in the folder, move the file to another folder first before proceeding to the delete folder command.

Deleting a folder-for computers that run on Windows

•    The quickest way is to first highlight the folder you want to delete, right-click on the folder and then click Delete. If this command prompts you to provide an administrator password or confirmation, type the password and confirmation, and then proceed.

•    Another easy way to delete any folder is to first highlight the folder, then press delete on your keyboard and select yes. If you want to completely delete the folder (erase it even from the recycle bin) press the shift and the delete keys together; you would get a prompt confirming the command. If accepted, then the folder will be completely deleted from your computer.

•    There may be cases when your computer prevents you from deleting your folder. This might be because of your login restrictions, as you don’t have the proper rights or permissions to delete the folder. Another case where you can’t delete a folder is when a file that is contained in the folder is currently open or is running. So, make sure that all programs or files are closed before you delete the folder.

•    In case you want to retrieve the folder, open your recycle bin, locate the folder, right-click and select restore. The folder will be restored to the previous location before you deleted the folder. The only time you will not find the deleted files in the recycle bin is when you have deleted the folder by pressing shift and delete keys together.

Delete a folder- for computers running on Mac

•    Click to highlight the folder you want to delete and drag it to your trash bin icon located on the your mac dock.

•    In case the your folder is locked, you would have to unlock it first. You can do this by first highlighting the folder by clicking on it, then right-click and click on “get info”, uncheck “Locked”, after doing so you already have the permission to drag the folder to your trash bin.

•    To permanently delete the folder, you have to empty your trash bin. You can do so by pressing on the command, shift and delete keys all at the same time. You can also empty your trash bin by right-clicking on the trash bin icon and click on “empty trash”, or open your trash bin, locate and click on the “empty” button.

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