How to Fix Your Slow Computer

Over time your computer is going to slow down.  There are numerous reasons for this.  Some are software problems and others may be hardware related.

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you fix your slow computer by going through several steps and optimizing your computer.

Here is a video talking about some of the issues you may be having

You can follow the links below that includes videos as well as transcripts or visit our Youtube playlist which contains all the videos –

Virtual Memory:  As you have more and more programs opened on your system it may slow down due to lack of memory.  To resolve this you can boost your virtual memory.

Junk Temp Files:  While this won’t really slow your computer down it is clutter and in some cases it can cause performance issues when you have too little harddrive space free.  I’ve cleaned out over 200 GB’s of junk temp files on a persons computer but that is well above normal.

Optimizing your Startup Menu:  Many programs are going to want to auto-start when you boot your computer.  Many of these programs you never use so having them run in the background is a waste of memory and t hey can have a big impact on startup times as well as overall PC performance.

Defrag:  For most this won’t do much to speed up your computer but it can have an impact for some.  What this does is organize your files into  1 area on the harddrive so they are able to be pulled faster because your hard drive does not have to move all over the place to pull the complete file.

Browser Issues:  We cover a few simple tips in this series on why your browsing may be slow.  Often times it’s due to extensions and add-ons that are easily removed.

Here are the complete links to the Slow Computer Tutorials

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Slow Computer – Optimizing Slow Starting PC With Startup Menu

Defrag Your Computer For Free

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