How to Remove Avast Enhanced Protection Mode

Easiest Removal Option:

Remote Repair: Paying an expert to remove this threat is always the easiest option. It’s also the most expensive. PCTechGuide.com has reviewed several remote computer repair companies and we recommend PC Ninja This is a small computer repair company (Two brick and motar stores in California ). Small companies like this tend to deliver better customer service. With a fully trained and experienced staff all based in California doing the repairs, you can’t go wrong. The cost for most virus removal services is around $99 USD.

Software Option:

Antivirus Clients: Anti-Virus software was developed to remove these exact kind of threats. Most people who get infected with malware get infected from having no protection or from using a free client that offered no real up front protection. It’s important to secure your computer so know one gains access to it and to protect your identity online.

PCTechGuide.com has reviewed hundreds of software vendors over the years. See our Antivirus Reviews and Internet security reviews for full in-depth reviews.

To Remove this virus we recommend Spyware Doctor with Antivirus or Malwarebytes. All three offer good results in most cases.

Do It Yourself Removal Guide

How to remove Avast Enhanced Protection Mode DIY Steps

Proceed with Caution. PCTechGuide.com offers this information free of charge. We can not be held liable for any actions you take regarding the below information. Before learning how to remove Avast Enhanced Protection Mode it is recommended to backup all important data to an external storage device that has been already secured against any virus outbreak. We recommend scanning all personal and critical data using professional antivirus software such as Spyware Doctor with Antivirus. Additionally, requesting remote computer repair support from a website such as PC Ninja is an excellent idea.

Step 1. You need to stop Avast Enhanced Protection Mode executable files from running. This fake security notification is related to other malware infections, reason why there could be multiple threats present in the system. Here are some helpful hints on how to remove Avast Enhanced Protection Mode:

A. Boot into safe mode with networking. Once in safe mode, Avast Enhanced Protection Mode will no longer be running, reason why you will be able to simply delete all infected files without any problem. Below you can find the executable paths that are related to Avast Enhanced Protection Mode

XP: Avast Enhanced Protection Mode executable paths:

C:Documents and Settings%User Name%DownloadsOTS.exe




Win 7 / Vista: Avast Enhanced Protection Mode executable paths:

C:Users%User Name%DownloadsOTS.exe




B. Browse to each of the file paths indicated above and rename the files. Once this is done you will have to reboot the operating system in order to stop these processes from execution and delete them. After reboot these files will no longer run automatically so deleting them will be possible.

C. Once you are in one of the above mentioned folders, sort the files by last date modified. In this way you will have all files related to the malicious software filtered out easily. As you have filtered them out from other clean files delete them and reboot your PC to confirm that Avast Enhanced Protection Mode is no longer running.

D. Use the Task Manager to locate each of the indicated process names, one by one. Once identified, stop them from execution and delete them from disk by browsing to the executable file paths indicated in this article.

Step 2. Delete all malicious files from disk if you not have already done so. It is very important to not only stop them from execution but to also delete them from disk in order to prevent Avast Enhanced Protection Mode from ever running again.

Step 3. Run an anti-virus scan. This is a must step. There may still be registry keys that are related to this malware as well as various corrupt settings as a result of the malicious software trying to secure its presence in the system. For this reason it is recommended to run a complete system scan using one of the following genuine antivirus products: Spyware Doctor with Antivirus, Malwarebytes. Once a full system scan has been carried out it is recommended to purchase the license of the product of your choice in order to prevent this malware from ever affecting your system again. Additionally, requesting the remote computer repair services of a website such as PC Ninja may turn out to be the shortest path to getting back in control of your system.

How not to Get Infected Again

In most cases users get infected with viruses and malware from not having propper up-front protection. Computer security experts recommend that you use an anti-virus client that offers up front protection to block viruses from installing and a security client that keeps up to date with the latest virus defenitions. The paid versions of Spyware Doctor with Antivirus and Malwarebytes fit this criteria. Going with one of these clients is a step in the right direction to protecting your computer.

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