Top Free Registry Cleaners

Over the last 12 years I have used all the top rated registry cleaners in the market and plenty of sub-par registry cleaners out there.  I can say without any doubts that you get what you pay for.  Free registry cleaners have their own price. That price is normally limited support for issues, a few bugs and you may be asked to install a tool bar or something along those lines. However FREE does not mean bad. I have listed the best free registry cleaners below. I think you will like each and every one of them.

Top Free Registry Cleaners

1. JV 16 Power Tools:  OK it’s not free.  However you do get a FULLY functioning 30 day trial.  This is one of the best registry cleaners on the market, hands down and because you get to use it fully functional for 30 days you should download it and use it for that trial period. Download Here





2. CCleaner:  This program is ad supported.  When you install the program you will be asked if you want to install a tool bar.  You can always just say no.  I recommend you download directly from the Piriform website to avoid downloading anything malicious. CCleaner offers more features that work than just about any other free registry cleaner on the market. Download Here




3. Auslogics Registry Cleaner:  This is one of the easier registry cleaners out there. Not a ton of features in the free version.  They do have a paid version that offers many more features and really if you want to get the most out of any registry cleaner you are looking to get the paid version.  Still it’s a solid registry cleaner and it’s free: Download Here




4. WiseCleaner: Personally I like WiseCleaner more and more each time I use it.  Small footprint and plenty of tools to really help optimize your computer.  For it being free it’s definitely one of the top 5 free registry cleaning programs out there. Download Here





5. Comodo System Utilities: Comodo puts out some great products. It’s one of those tech companies that’s been around for a very long time yet it’s not a name brand like so many others.  It really deserves to be. You may get some cross marketing from using this product but it’s a small price to pay for what it offers you. Download Here




6. Eusing: I’m a huge fan of Eusing.  They have a few paid products but most of what they offer is free.  They make money from donations and a few ads on their website but that is about it.  The registry cleaner they offer works very well and has a nice user base.  It’s popular in many circles.  Download Here





7. EasyCleaner: As with most free products, they all slowly fade away unless they support some kind of cross marketing.  No one can keep developing a tool for free with out support coming in for it.  That said, EasyCleaner is and was a great registry cleaning product.  If you have Vista /Win7 or 8 I would avoid using this registry cleaner.  If you are still on a legacy OS like XP, you will find that this PC optimization tool works great. Download Here