Write Techology Articles For This Site

Are you a keen technology author with words just bursting out of your keyboard? If you’d like to have your work published on the world’s number one ranked PC technology site, then we’re interested to hear from you. Here’s some details on what to submit, and how.

Content Matter

The possible subject area is very wide, embracing all topics that fall under the umbrella of computer technology. For a good reference on the subject areas already existing on the site, simply check the site map.

Submissions may be on new, relevant topics, or you may have found that existing content can be updated, or added to. However, you should always approach us first before committing to writing a full piece.

Pitch and Style

No matter how complex the subject matter, the site’s content is pitched at the overview rather than the detailed, technical level. It is intended as a good reference guide, a starting point for understanding and gaining an appreciation of technology. If possible, suppporting illustrations and diagrams can be crucial in clarifying the technologies, as is a sound and thorough knowledge of the topic. In style, clarity and accessibility are key.


Payment is agreed individually with authors in advance, and settled within two weeks of acceptance of a piece for the site. Authors will always be given full credit, including optional space for a photo, web link, and brief personal biography to accompany the work.


It is important that you are aware of the copyright license on the PCTechGuide. Any pieces published on the site are done so under the GNU license. It is up to you to understand what this means for your work.

Submission Formats

Failure to follow these guidelines will probably result in your piece not even being looked at, so please follow them carefully.

Submissions can be made in the following ways:

  • As text pasted into the body of an email
  • As a plain text attachment to an email
  • As HTML pasted into the body of an email
  • As an HTML attachment

Also please note:

  • Please save text and HTML in UTF-8 encoding.
  • If you submit your piece in HTML, valid XHTML is better.
  • Supporting images should of course be submitted as an email attachment, preferably in a single zipped folder.
  • Any script and/or style sheet information should be sent as attached text files, preferably in a zipped folder.

Consideration Time

You should hear whether your piece is suitable, along with a compensation offer, within two weeks. If all is agreed, the piece will be added to the site within a further two weeks.

Submission Address

Send your email submissions to

jacob123@pctechguide.com just remove the 123 from the e-mail. We do this to stop spam bots