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My name is Jacob Erdei and when you become a member of affplaybook you will recognize my user name inside the forum as jerdei.

I have over 3,500 posts and have been thanked 2,813 times inside the affplaybook forum.  I mention this so you know this review is coming from someone who uses affplaybook.com on a regular basis.

Here is my video review for AffPlaybook in case you just want to site back and watch.

Since this review video, a lot has changed inside the forum but only for the better.  There are not a lot of marketing places you can go where you have a sense of not just community but where you have users who really want to help each other succeed.

Over the years (Yes I have been a member for years) I have seen people go on to build some incredible streams of income.  I understand that for many of you out there you are not trying to become the next Mark Zuckerberg.  All you want is a few hundred extra dollars a month to help cover rent or food bills.

AffPlaybook.com aka APB is the place for both experts and beginners to learn and perhaps more importantly network with others inside the industry.

For Beginners in Internet Marketing

APB has a Start section that has some of the most detailed and current training around for internet marketing.  You have probably seen those get rich courses online and probably even purchased a few yourself.  This training is nothing like those.  The methods explained are tried and true methods that can be applied to millions of different kinds of marketing campaigns.

If you are trying to push PPC traffic then you will appreciate the hands on Bingads, Facebook and Adwords guides.  If it’s PPV traffic then APB has you covered.  The same goes for information on setting up landing pages, finding offers, promoting offers, angles, tracking and on and on.  This is your one stop to learn everything you need to be successful as an affiliate marketer.

For Experts

When I first joined APB I already had years of experience behind me as a digital marketer but most of that was time spent building large websites and doing SEO.  I would build a site, make it rank and move onto the next website.  Over the course of seven years I pumped out 200+ websites and was living high on the hog.  Sadly nothing lasts forever and I thought I was diversified but my mistake was not understanding that all my traffic was coming from 1 main source only and that was Google.

I was scrambling to replace my income.  That is when I stumbled onto an Article written by David Ford.  If you are an expert in the industry you probably already have heard of David.  He is the owner of APB and as I can attest a rock solid individual.

I joined APB and paid for some private coaching.  As an expert myself already I know I don’t know it all and when I come across someone who knows more then me I’m happy to pay extra for that persons time.  In my case I knew a lot about sourcing offers and building pages but when it came to PPC and PPV I knew very little.  Sure I had accounts at several places and pushed some traffic but never in larger amounts.

After just a few hours of private training I found nearly all the EXPERT great advice I got from David was already freely shared inside the forum.  Don’t get me wrong.  I got personal insights into my own PPC campaigns I was running which made the cost of the training worth it but the expert level knowledge already shared in the forum was there if I spent the time to go through, read and interact with other members in the forum.

This brings me to probably the most valuable part of APB and that is the networking.  It’s a great place to find others who are going down the same road as you or who have already done the kind of marketing you are looking to master.  For just the $67 dollars a month it’s probably the best money you will be spending all year.

If you are interested in joining APB here is my affiliate link affplaybook.com and I’ll see you in the forum.  If you sign up through my link be sure and send me a PM in the forum.  I’d be happy to jump on a quick Skype call with you to walk you through the forum.


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