Cinepak technology

Cinepak is another asymmetric video compressor, developed jointly by Apple and SuperMac (a company later acquired by Radius). The format outputs 320×240 (quarter screen) at 15 fps with good quality, at a data rate that even slow single-speed and 2x CD-ROM players can deliver. On high-performance computers, the playback rate can reach 30 fps, but Cinepak movies are usually recorded at intentionally low frame rates to accommodate the installed base of slower CD-ROM players. Scaling the window size requires additional processing power and tends to be pixelated (a blocky appearance). This cross-platform, software-only, scaleable codec is licensed for several video players, including Microsoft Video for Windows and Apple’s QuickTime. With better colour definition than other codecs, Cinepak is the choice for compressing natural video, i.e., video without a lot of graphics or animation.