Why Did No One Tell Drivers About This New Rule?

Do not pay your next car insurance bill until you read this…

May – (2015): Your Current car insurance company doesn’t want you to know this but as someone who loves to save money and someone who loves to share what they learn, I want you to know.

The simple truth is car insurance rates are based upon MANY different factors.  The zip code you live in, your age, your gender, your college education level, how many accidents you have been in over recent years.  What most won’t tell you is if you drive under 40 miles a day and have not told your insurance provider this than you are probably over paying for your car insurance.

When it comes to insurance I don’t fall for those customer loyalty accident forgiveness gimmicks.  That is really all they are.  Just ploys to make you think you are getting the best deal and if you switch to a different insurance company you will loose this special deal we have just for you.

Every 6 months I used to spend a few hours calling around and filling out form after form at all kinds of different place just to see who really had the best rates.

Now I only have 1 short form to fill out and I can let the insurance companies come to me and see who really has the best price. – Check out –>> BestQuotes Here –

When you enter in your zip code at BestQuotes and fill out the short quick form you will probably be shocked at the difference in price other insurance companies are offering.

Rates drop all the time but your current insurance provider is not going to tell you this.  They want you thinking you are getting the best deal but chances are you can get the same or similar plan for less than you are paying now.


But I love My Agent

I’m sure you may just love your agent but they also love you because you are paying more than you probably need to be paying.  The same exact coverage can be found at another provider and if the rate is better than you need to take charge of your finances and treat this as a business decision.  With your savings you can always by the person a parting gift 😉

But I already paid for 6 months in Advance!

This is another thing no insurance company comes out and tells you.  You can cancel your policy at any time and get a full refund on the rest of the policy that has not been used.  So if you paid for 6 months in advance and have used just 2 of those months you can cancel and get your 4 months premium back.  The balance is refunded.

Online brokers have taken the insurance industry by storm.  They can quickly show you who has the best prices based upon a few short answers.

Here’s Your Next Step:

Step 1: Click your state on the map to instantly check your zip code for free

Step 2: Once you go through a few questions, you will have the opportunity to compare the best carrier quotes in your area and see if you really are overpaying.