Best Productivity Boosting Apps for 2017

One thing is for certain — software is developing at such rate that it has become increasingly hard for us to keep track of everything that’s hitting the market.

That is why we decided to do the job for you. We have searched the Web high and low for productivity tools that can help you finish your daily tasks faster. Luckily, in 2017, we got a significant amount of new software and tools that you can use.

Here are our picks for some of the must have productivity apps of 2017.


Our first tool in line is Pocket — an app for saving web resources for later use. If you don’t have the time to read or watch something important right away, you can save it to Pocket and read it whenever you find the time.

The tool is really helpful if you are in a hurry or dealing with lots of things at the moment. You can save a bunch different resources, such as articles, images or videos.

The tool is accessible from multiple platforms and your files are all synchronized in one place. It’s like having all of your favorite resources inside of your pocket. Literally.


You maybe heard about this app since it’s becoming increasingly popular. It is a simple tool that tracks your daily activities and everything you do online. And why is it so popular, you may ask?

Well, it has a tracker that watches how much time you are spending on various websites and applications. It can detect if you are procrastinating and not concentrating on your important tasks.

The final goal is to spend more time on the right things and less time on productivity killers. Also, you can see a detailed report of your day and all the things you did, so you can get an idea on how to make your performance better. Trust me, once you install it, you will never want to remove it.


Producteev is a perfect task management program to help you with delegating your office-wide projects. It is a powerful tool, with features that are so much more than just a simple online to-do list.

With this tool you can quickly assign any task to your colleagues and track their progress with real-time updates. The tool has the ability to breakdown all projects into smaller pieces, to ensure their visibility and a complete overview. Producteev is easily accessible from your laptop or mobile phone, giving you the ability to keep close track of your important tasks.

Able2Extract PDF Editor

If you are dealing with PDFs on a regular, you know how frustrating it can be to edit those files. Well, now we have a solution for that problem. Investintech’s PDF editor is a powerful tool that lets you perform any kind of PDF edits in seconds.

An amazing thing is that all changes are instant and immediately visible on your PDF content. You can add and delete text or merge and extract pages. The tool automatically detects your font, so you are not wasting time on searching for the right one. With this software you get an all-in-one PDF suite, so give it a spin and see for yourself. It saves a lot of time.


Not all productivity applications have to be designed in the same way. With Brain.Fm the approach is a little different, but the effects are almost the same. Since listening to music can distract you, this tool is specifically designed to relax and focus you on work. Brain.fm plays the type of music that’s gonna make you more work oriented, productive and satisifed. If needed, it can also help you fall asleep in no time. Turn up your headphones and you are good to go.

These are just some of the tools that have the possibility to increase your productivity and make your work life easier.

By embracing them and their features, you are going to become more confident and result focused. And let me tell you: with the boost in productivity, come great results