Kong Games Ads Removal

Kong Games Ads is another type of adware that will display ads on your computer. They will show up in the web pages you visit and can become very intrusive and annoying. The ads will be embedded in the websites, but will also show up as pop ups and underlined keywords on the websites.

The hook of Kong Games is that it lets you play games on the Internet. That is the way they get people to install the software. But, without reading the fine print, you will soon find your self overwhelmed with all these annoying ads. Typically, you will see the ads display something like “Kong Games”, “Powered by Kong Games” or something similar to that to identify where the ads are coming from.

Infected with Kong Games Ads? Scan Your PC for Free


The ads create a vicious cycle because the advertisers hope to get you to install their software on your machine which can lead to even more issues on your machine; some even malicious. Kong Games makes money if you go to these third party ads and install the software and do not care much about what happens to your machine afterwards.

How Was I Infected with Kong Games?

Again, Kong Games is adware. It is bundled with free programs you obtain from the internet. Most likely, you did not read the fine print that other software would be installed. But, not many people do. On the other hand, it may have not even been disclosed to begin with. This is why you need to be careful when downloading software from the Internet, and be sure to pay close attention during the install process for extras being added to your machine.

The best course of action is to opt for the custom installation if given the option. This is most likely to give the the opportunity to skip all these third-party apps. If you pick basic installation it will just install everything without asking.

How to Uninstall Kong Games

The best course of action is to remove the software from the Uninstall Programs option. You can do this by clicking on the start button and going to control panel.

Once you click on that link, you will be taken to the Control Panel

Inside the control panel, you will want to go to the programs section and click on “Uninstall a Program” as shown above. If your Control Panel does not look like the one above, you can click on “View By” and change to category to get it to look like the image above

You will then be taken to the uninstall app. From there you can select the application you want to remove. In this case, you will want to select Kong Games and then click on the Uninstall Button at the top.

If the issue started happening recently, you can sort by install date to see the most recent installations. Otherwise, the software is sorted in alphabetical order by default.

Once you have completed this step, it is a good idea to run a malware scanner on your machine to make sure you have removed any other issues caused by the program. It is recommended to run something like Malwarebytes.

How To Remove DollarSaver Adware From Your PC

The DollarSaver application promises to save you money when you shop online. However, it proves to be a bunch of empty promises while loading your computer up with a bunch of junk that you do not want on there. You may find a discount here and there, but it will not be worth all the trouble you are going to have from having the software installed. It is highly recommended that you remove it as quickly as possible. The program is nothing but adware that will send you to third-party websites that make money for the creators. It turns into a vicious cycle because these websites are more than likely going to try to install more junk on your PC.

DollarSaver is a mix between a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) and an outright computer infection. The whole purpose of adware is to help the developers make money. They can do this through a number of sneaky methods. DollarSaver is not really an illegal program, but it opens up all kinds of holes on your computer that will make it vulnerable to other issues. Many other crooks will use the vulnerabilities of DollarSaver to promote their programs and viruses. In essence, DollarSaver can be a gateway to a lot of bad things for your computer.

Infected with DollarSaver? Scan Your PC for Free


DollarSaver is installed on your computer bundled with other software you willingly downloaded and installed. These include InstallRex, Vittalia and Amonetize. It is installed during the installation process of other programs. It takes advantage of people not paying attention to the install process and just rapidly clicking on buttons. There is also a good chance if you have DollarSaver that you may have other adware on your computer.

DollarSaver is a copy of other similar programs. These include BuyAndBrowse, Crazylowprice and EnormouSales and many others. They are all part of the Multiplug line of products. These are all browser extensions. You can stop the issue by removing the plug-in from your browser. However, you it is better to remove it from the Control Panel and delete the plugin from each browser.

After you manually remove the program, you will want to take further steps to make sure there is no residue left over. It is a good idea to download and install a reputable malware scanner. You can find many free ones like MalwareBytes that will run a thorough scan for you.

DollarSaver Delete Instructions


  1. Open up Control Panel
  2. Select Uninstall a program and highlight DollarSaver
  3. Click on the Uninstall button at the top to remove the program.

DollarSaver may advertise itself as a helpful tool that will help you save some money and get some great deals online. But, it is not worth all the hassle you will get from the unwanted ads being served. Furthermore, you increase the risk of being exposed to worse issues like malware that can steal private information from your computer and send to criminals. Or, even risk the loss of data on your computer.

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